Wonder Woman: “Me-Centered” vs. “God-Centered”

When I think “How am I going to get all this done?”, it places the pressure on ME to deliver the goods. I don’t know about you, but that plan hasn’t really worked out too well for me up to this point.

I am so so SO excited to launch my new website! Song of Hannah was born out of much prayer and the desire to do something tangible to glorify God. It’s my hope that you will find it to be a blessing and a way to draw yourself closer to Him and to Scripture.

Now let me be clear: I am not a priest. I didn’t go to seminary. I don’t profess to be a biblical scholar or a theologian. Heck, I don’t even have my life put together most days! What I am is a Christian woman/mom/wife/teacher trying to keep my focus on God throughout my daily life.

That’s hard, right? We’re all too busy rushing off to work, schlepping the kids all over the place, or (gasp!) mindlessly scrolling Facebook to make God a priority. But here’s the thing: we can find a way to focus on God at any given time of the day. At your desk at work. Strolling the freezer section. In the stands at the football game. Waiting in the drive thru line at Starbucks while the kids are arguing in the back seat (yup, even then).

Believe me, this doesn’t mean slapping on your “What Would Jesus Do?” bracelet and calling it a day. (If you currently own a WWJD bracelet, perhaps you should reconsider that decision. Just saying.) It means a shift in focus. A shift from “me-centered” life to “God-centered” life. How do we do this? Well, for me it has been a shift in attitude. When I think “How am I going to get all this done?”, it places the pressure on ME to deliver the goods. I don’t know about you, but that plan hasn’t really worked out too well for me up to this point. When it’s up to me, and only me, the dishes are still in the sink, the laundry is still piled up, the lesson plans accidentally got left at school and my daughter is on Day Four without a bath. Great work, Wonder Woman!  Could you let God handle things now, please?

If you think about it, that “me-centered” attitude is pretty darn disrespectful to Him! “Yeah, thanks anyway Lord, but I got this. You can sit this one out.” …REALLY? But it’s what we all do. Every day. When we leave God out of the equation, we assume we know better. And guess what? We don’t. We really, really don’t.

So next time you are feeling overwhelmed by the 8.5 million things on today’s to-do list…stop. Breathe. Pray. Breathe again. And take one step. Just one. I promise you, God has got things under control. Isn’t it nice to have the pressure taken off?

Now go be awesome. Be the best you can be today. Be Wonder Woman! Just remember that you’re not the super hero. In this equation, you’re the sidekick.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: “Me-Centered” vs. “God-Centered”

  1. Sabrina, this was eloquently stated! What makes me think that I’m so darn powerful that I can do it all without God by my side every step? Even when I do get it all done, it’s not really me alone. Nothing is possible without Him. Give credit where credit is due and relieve the weight we ‘think’ we carry alone. Thanks for that reminder and keep writing! We all need to hear that we are not alone! God bless!


  2. Sabrina, it’s refreshing to know we all do this, I’m not the only one who tries to do it all…and why? Like you say, it is insulting to the sacrifice Jesus made for us! After doing the Behold Your God study, I too realized how many things I needed to give up to God. I need to remember how BIG God is and how very small I am. Thank you for sharing! May God bless you and all who read this. I hope it inspires many to “let go and let God”!!! Love you!


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